Rx Goggle Insert


Prescription lens insert for goggles
Easy to insert and remove



Put prescription lenses in your Typhoon Sunshift™ Goggle (or other brands) with our Rx goggle insert. No more hassling with wearing your eyeglasses under your goggles. The Rx Goggle insert fits into the Sunshift™ goggle and is easily removeable. Order the prescription lenses from Typhoon or take the insert to your optiician and have them fill your prescription.

Convert your Goggles to a Prescription Goggle with our Universal Prescription Lens Insert (fits most goggles for kids and adults) Suitable for almost any Ski Goggles, Snow Boarding, Motorcycle & Motorcross Goggles, Safety Goggles and even Paintball Skirmish Goggles.

♦ Costs just a fraction of the price of regular prescription ski goggles/Snow Boarding Goggles/Motorcross Goggles

♦ You’re not constrained to “fit-over” style goggles or very expensive brand name prescription goggles

♦ Transforms your goggles into a pair of precription goggles in seconds

♦ Rx insert fits snugly behind your goggle lens so it won’t come loose

♦ Quick insert and removal so you can easily switch it between different pairs of goggles


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